MicroAdobe PDF Editor


Create PDF documents as though you were working in Word


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MicroAdobe PDF Editor is a word processor, similar to Microsoft Word, that allows you to create documents in PDF format instead of the classic DOC format.

Using it is just like using Word, as it allows you to enter text, images, hyperlinks, page jumps, text boxes, and other elements commonly found in word processors.

MicroAdobe PDF Editor also lets you choose the size of the paper and its orientation, modify the properties of each object, and use tabs to organize documents.

The object properties window is almost identical to the one found in Microsoft Word. It allows you to configure aspects including alignment, orientation to text, absolute position, size, separation from text, etc.

MicroAdobe PDF Editor is also able to import and export a wide range of formats, DOC, XLS, PPT, and PSD among them.

30-day trial.

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